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Enter the Marketing Mobility Learning Zone to find out how to use marketing, smart technology, mobile apps and shared data platforms to connect with customers and provide a frictionless and contactless parking experience, to improve your organization's bottom line. All sessions included in your PMX LIVE Access Pass.

Broadcast Live Only at PMX LIVE
Available until 4/30/2021

PMX LIVE: City Parking Talk Show—Back to Business
Tune in. Ask. Answer and Get Back to Business. Facilitated talk-show education program. Ask questions, answer polls, and express your opinions. Our panelists discuss all aspects of city and municipal parking. Yes, we’ll talk about COVID—but a whole lot more besides: planning, curb management, enforcement, sustainability, and what’s happening in your city.


Lockdown Lessons: What the Customer Wants NOW
How have customer expectations changed post COVID? Hear how parking operators can retool operations and services to meet these changing needs. Get insights on customer expectations, feedback and how you can tailor parking marketing to address customer wants and needs.

Connected Consumer: How to Find, Reach, and Own the Customer Relationship
Real-world insights on how parking industry is building customer ties. Panel of parking operators, and technology experts discuss the latest trends and tools to connect consumers through apps, cloud-based technology and way-finding solutions.

Curb Appeal: How Municipalities are Using Apps to Manage the Curb
Learn how municipalities are managing the curb using mobile apps with links to scooter apps, TNCs, delivery vehicles, and taxis. Find out how enforcement is changing and how municipalities are shifting as demand moves from public transit to parking.

Driving the Customer Experience at Special Event and Stadium Parking
Get big insights into how bigger events are handling physical distancing, customer experience and parking management at stadiums, arenas and special events spaces. Find out how technology is a game changer for parkers, employee training, and big data to manage operations.

After the App: What's Next Frictionless & Contactless Parking Solutions
Payment options about and are evolving fast. Are you platform agnostic? Are you a multi-platform player? Hear from an expert panel on the range of mobile payments solutions, cashless payments options and other payment services beyond mobile app payments.